Renger Koning

Renger Koning
Amsterdam Area / Netherlands

Performing Rights Society:
Recent Credits: Philips ‘Domino’ audio logo design, Philips Cinema 21×9 TV trailer, BVN TV station audio logo design (71 tunes)

Renger's Soundbase

How would you describe your music?

A combination of filmscore and experimental. Known for melodies that stick. 20+ years experience.

What computer and audio hardware do you use?

Mac 8 core with Digidesign HD 3 Accell 192 i/o.

What software and samples do you use?

Logic Pro, ProTools (Surround) and Ableton Live. 200+ softsynths, samplers and plugins. Main libraries: Vienna, Kontakt, Symphobia, True Strike, Piano Attack (our own library) and many others.

What would be your dream studio setup?

I have realized my dream studio! Maybe the location is not the center of the media industry but with fiber internet location is less important.

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