Rob Pottorf

Rob Pottorf
Lexington, KY USA

Performing Rights Society: ASCAP
Recent Credits: 20th Century Fox – “The Trial” Starring Matthew Modine, Lions Gate – “Unrequited” Starring Michael Welch, GMC TV – “Trinity Goodheart” Starring Eric Benet, Disney Hollywood Studios Orlando and Paris – “Cars II Lights, Motor, Action” Starring Owen Wilson

Rob's Studio

How would you describe your music?

Music for FIlm & Television

What computer and audio hardware do you use?

Main DAW – MacPro 8 Core 32 gigs RAM, 4 x Mac Minis, 1 Mac G5 (all networked to the MacPro)

Roland A80 Controller
Frontier Alpha Track
Korg NanoKontrol

Genelec 5.1 Monitor System
Alesis MasterControl
ART MPA Gold Preamp
Main Mic – Vintage AKG 414
Taylor W-12-CE Guitar, Fender Strat Electric, Epiphone C-12 Classical, Yamaha FJ-651 6 String, Yamaha FG-260 12 String, Ovation 1115 12 String

2 x widescreen computer monitors
48′ monitor for video

What software and samples do you use?

Digital Performer 7
Kontakt 4
Cinesamples; Cinebrass, Hollywoodwinds, CineToms, Drums of War
Sonokinetics Tutti, HIPP & Maasai
Evolve Mutations
Sample Logic’s – The Elements
Acoustic Refractions
EWQL Choirs
Finale 10

What would be your dream studio setup?

I love working out of my home but a detached building from the house is the next step. We are moving permanently to LA in two years and were looking at real estate that will accommodate such a space.

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  1. Gary Chase says:

    Hey Rob-
    Nice studio! We’re in LA & use the pretty much the same stuff… though may be switching to Logic soon! Are you into Hollywood strings too? Anyway I’m visiting my cousin in Lexington from Aug 19-25 so I thought I’d say hi. We’re doing Geek Charming right now (little Disney Channel movie) but have done features for them too. Nathan Wang is my biz partner. My bud Craig Stull, from Lexington, is our first call gtr guy… well we use George Doering too :) Best always, Gary Chase

  2. Rob Pottorf says:

    Hey Gary!

    Thanks! Logic is a great program and I actually considered a change during the dark “DP 6″ era but since 7 has come out I’m very happy…will be happier when they finally get on with 64bit!

    Hey, if you’re going to be in Lex in August, email me at and I’ll give you my phone number – let’s chat over some coffee! Like I put in my “dream studio” section, we’re moving to L.A. in 2 years (as soon as our daughter graduates and heads to NYU) and would love to make a new L.A. friend – AND the fact that you use a lexington guy like Craig shows that you’ve got good taste!

    Hope to hear from you!

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