Ciaran Hope

Ciaran Hope
Pasadena, CA USA

Performing Rights Society: BMI
Recent Credits: Truth About Kerry, Screw Cupid, Joni and Friends

Ciaran in his Studio

How would you describe your music?

My music is organic and unexpected. The melodies take unexpected twists and turns without much warning but somehow, feel familiar. The textures could be sometimes referred to as atonal tonality, and my love of European dance and Brit Pop from my college years permeates through years of rigorous classical training.

What computer and audio hardware do you use?

I currently use a dual G5 Mac computer with a Digidesign ProControl Setup including:
- 4 x VISIONDAW custom-built sample PCs
- a Digidesign Edit Pack + Fader Pack
- 3x Digidesign 192 I/O’s
- Cedar DNS 2000
- Digidesign Sync
- 5x Mackie HR824 speakers
- Genelec Sub
- 2x Yamaha NS10′s
- 4x ultrawide SCSI Glyph Bays for audio recording

The audio pre-amps I have include:
- Millennia STT-1 Tube Pre
- 2x Neve 33122a Pre’s
- 2x Neve 1272 Pre’s
- 2x API 312 Pre’s

What software and samples do you use?

My 4 sample PCs contain East West Symphonic Library, Gigastudio and Native Instruments Komplete.

My main machine runs ProTools, and for samples, I primarily run Reason, Miroslav Philharmonic (IK Multimedia), Reason, Spectrasonics (Trilogy, Stylus and Atmosphere) and Native Instruments Komplete set.

I work with Finale for parts, but I have Sibelius and Logic Pro loaded on the machine in case I have to work in sessions in those formats for some reason.

What would be your dream studio setup?

I’m not far away from my dream setup. I like a simple studio.

I’d like the Digidesign Icon D-Controle Console in my room, I’d like the fastest Mac available to me and for samples I’d like Hollywood Strings on one machine, Vienna symphonic library on another and my East Wests Orchestra on another.

I would also ideally love to get the mix room custom built for sound, and have a large live room just off my work/mix room with a glass separation. Now that would be heaven.

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