Rafaël Leloup

Rafaël Leloup
New York, NY USA

Performing Rights Society: Sabam
Recent Credits: Un café pour l’Amérique, Fulbright, Project 1091

Rafael's Studio

How would you describe your music?

Mix of electro-acoustic sonorities based on the movie to score, with orchestra or specific ensemble.

What computer and audio hardware do you use?

- Mac
- Presonus Firewire audio interface
- Alesis monitors

What software and samples do you use?

- MacOS 10.6
- Logic
- Ableton Live

What would be your dream studio setup?

Mine allows me to do anything I want.

Click here to listen to Rafaël’s music


  1. Ed Genovese says:

    just proves that “Giants” can be found in small caves.

    You have Amazing talent….I Love the fact that you are sitting in front a” brick wall” …(Like that will ever stop you)….with an old water heater in the background
    ( Hello does Anyone remember Waterheaters????

    I’ve very happy for your talent… The Music world will hear from you soon ,I’m sure.of that.

    Your instincts are in the right place…. just continue to follow your ears….. Stay in touch and let me know how your swimming is coming .

    By the Way….I don’t give Compliments out like candy….You deserved it….A salute…. Ed

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