Joseph Carrillo

Joseph Carrillo
Los Angeles, CA USA

Performing Rights Society: ASCAP
Recent Credits: Baby of Mine, Kids React to Viral Videos,The Hanged Man

Joseph Carrillo's Studio

How would you describe your music?

Orchestral, Cinematic, Thematic, Accessible

What computer and audio hardware do you use?

2 Mac Pro’s (early 2008), with a MOTU 2408 Mk3 audio interface and Dynaudio powered monitors. I also have a Roland XV-88 for use as a controller.

What software and samples do you use?

Software: Finale, Digital Performer 7, Altiverb, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Instruments Pro, Kontakt 4, and Komplete 6.

Samples: Vienna Special Edition, Brass I, Dimension Brass, some of the Download Instruments
Ivory II
LA Scoring Strings
Project Sam True Strike 1 & 2
SonivoxMI Orchestral Library
East West Silver, Stormdrum I, and RA (all Kontakt versions)
Some Cinesamples, some Tonehammer, some Garritan stuff

What would be your dream studio setup?

To be able to work and compose on a real grand piano, to use Finale, with a good soundfont as a guide, and then to have the parts printed and taken to a scoring stage where a live musicians breathe real life into my work.

Click here to listen to Joseph’s music


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