Mark Menza

Mark Menza
Dallas Texas USA

Performing Rights Society: BMI
Recent Credits: LaCreme Coffee Creamer Nat’l campaign; origial music, audio post: Audio Brand for Oncor Electric;”Big Freeze” Boys Scouts Of America, Nat’l

Mark Menza's Studio (Photo by Kris Hundt)

How would you describe your music?

I find myself at home in Jazz, orchestral, pop, acoustic, ethnic, electronic, and alternative styles. Scoring to picture and collaborating in the narrative process is really what I strive for. Finding a voice for each project is key to making it all work.

What computer and audio hardware do you use?

Mac and PC platforms. Digidesign/AVID interfaces and Sync devices, Neve, Great River, Sony mic Pres, Manley Aphex, Rane Etc. Nuemann, AKG, Shure, AEA – Wes Dooley mics.

Gibson guitars and mandolin, Weber octave mandolin, Santa Cruz, Valley Arts, Liberty, Jackson, Guild, Fender, Hirade, and more guitars. Bogner, Groove Tube, Polytone, Fender, and Pignose! amps.

What software and samples do you use?

ProTools, Digital Perfomer, Reason DAWs. Waves, SoundTools, Digidesign, Addictive Drums, Absynth, Focusrite, TC Electronic, Bombfactory, AutoTune, GRM tools, Joe Meek, Minimoog and more.

Vienna Symphony, Westgate, Roland, ProSonus, Lots of Ilio, Sonic Implants, Scarbee, Kurzweil and, more.

What would be your dream studio setup?

Technology changes and updates daily there will always be new and exciting software coming down the pipe, which changes and evolves our work flow as composers all the time. The most important thing was creating a great sounding space to create and produce in. Mark Genfan of Acoustic Spaces designed a great place for me. The gear and software will continue to update, but the space has to be right to begin with.

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  1. phil kelly says:

    Yo Mark :

    Whats that cream colored stuff right above your keyboard with the ruler laying on it ?
    somehow it looks familiar :)


  2. Sébastien says:

    Hi Mark, I’m a CBC engineer and composer has a hobby. I was wondering what the Zéphir codec for in the rack ?

    • mark menza says:

      Hey Sebastian, I just saw this post. Sorry for the long delay to respond. In addition to the scoring we also do voice over recording for the projects i score as well as audiopost production: sound design to picture, ADR , foley, surround mix, etc. We are using the Telos codec for talent both here and abroad that clients use on their projects. What kind of things are you working yourself?

  3. Ed Genovese says:

    Class. Act……..My best… Ed G.

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