Stu Kennedy

Stu Kennedy
Glasgow, Scotland UK

Performing Rights Society: PRS
Recent Credits: Torchwood, Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawntreader, Morning Glory

Stu's Studio

How would you describe your music?

contemporary epic/dramatic orchestral.

What computer and audio hardware do you use?

Windows 7 PC 64-bit – 6-core 3GHz AMD, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1.5TB HD
CME UF8 controller keyboard
AKAI EWI-USB Wind Controller
M-Audio Firewire 1814
Genelec 1029A
PreSonus Faderport
2 x Dell 17″ monitors
Zoom H2 field-mic
SE2200A condenser mic
[probably the most humble set-up you've ever seen :-) ]

What software and samples do you use?

DAW is Reaper 64-bit

Samples – pretty much everything:
Wallander Instruments WIVI
All Tonehammer libs
All EastWest libs (mainly use Hollywood Strings & Silk)
All ProjectSam libs
Spitfire Audio libs
All Cinesamples libs
All Ohmforce plugs
Liquidsonics Reverberate (convolution verb)
some VSL download libs
plus a bunch of other stuff

What would be your dream studio setup?

Win7 64-bit PC with 4 x AMD 6176 2.3GHz 12-core processors (i.e. 48 cores running at effective 110.4 GHz)
128GB DDR III RAM. 4 x 240GB SATA III SSD drives (plus 2 x 1TB standard 7200rpm HDDs)
Adam S3X-H monitors
Collection of decent mics and pre-amps
Separate live room or booth big enough to fit a drum kit

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  1. Nira Amba says:

    Hey, Stu.

    Remember what Leonardo da Vinci said:

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” . . . . . . and it’s so true.

    Take care,


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